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Bristol Academy to rebrand as Bristol City Women's FC

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Women's Super League side Bristol Academy are to be rebranded as Bristol City Women's FC for next season.

Bristol were relegated to WSL 2 last season and have asked for the Football Association's permission to be renamed.

The Vixens will still play at Stoke Gifford Stadium but will be independent from Championship side Bristol City.

"This is a very positive development for the club which will secure top-flight women's football in Bristol," said Academy chairman Simon Arnold.

"The women's game in England has developed significantly over the last five years and to compete we have to become professional on and off the pitch.

"It was becoming increasingly difficult to do this as a club without the help of a professional club's marketing, commercial and supporter base.

"We have been working with our partners at Bristol City FC and Bristol Sport Limited for a number of years and it was the right time for them to embrace the women's game and put their resources behind the club."

Bristol City's executive director Doug Harman added: "It is a significant milestone in the history of both clubs.

"We have seen many Premier League teams welcome the women's development of the game and embrace the top-flight women's team in their respective cities - Arsenal, Manchester City and Chelsea to name but a few." 



I can completely understand the reasons for why they haven't done this before now. But at the same time - not doing it sooner has been a factor in them being relegated, and if they were going to end up doing this anyway they may as well have done it a long time ago when it could have helped preserve their top flight status.

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"Resources behind the club"  I read that as Bristol City were willing to give every resource except financial support.  Am I reading this press release wrong?


^ There is a lot about the press releases/articles which isn't particularly clear. I had to read a few times and I'm still not sure about a couple of points. The amount of confuses debate on twitter tells me we're not the only two.

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