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Man Utd - Sports Minister unhappy over lack of women's team

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Manchester United should 'rectify' their lack of a senior women's team, says sports minister Tracey Crouch.

United's Premier League rivals Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal are all represented in the Women's Super League.

United do run junior female sides but disbanded their open-age team in 2005.

"It is incredibly disappointing that one of the biggest clubs in the world doesn't have a ladies' football team," said Crouch.

WSL crowds have risen sharply following England's third-place finish at the recent World Cup.

Crouch added: "They have an excellent centre for girls but they don't translate that into a ladies' football team.

"At a time when there is phenomenal interest in women's football, it is right that they should try and rectify that as soon as possible."

United say they have no plans to launch a women's team but the situation remains under review.


As soon as United start a team and get a pass to FA WSL 1. Clubs and fans will be moaning...

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They wouldn't be made to start at the bottom of the pyramid like they should be, but they should be made to at least start in WSL2. Nobody else in WSL1 is there from scratch; City can at least say they had years of recent operation behind them before they simply beefed it up and got a fast pass to the top division as a result. A United women's team would be coming from nothing at all, and they may well have the finances to deserve WSL1 football right from the get go, but spending some time in WSL2 while they get everything set up and find their feet would not be the worst introduction to get given. It may actually be kinder to them than throwing them in at the WSL1 deep end. Going from naught to 100 overnight would mean a greater chance of them not being up to it and getting relegated in their first season, which would be a massive embarrassment for both the club and the FA. It would also be possible to put them into WSL2 without it happening at somebody else's expense so their addition need not be as contentious as City's was for example.

But it will still be a couple of years if not more before they make a women's team. If they had any interest they would have done it by now.


Introducing United would go one step towards reaching that 24 pro clubs goal. But if they ever do show up I would like WSL1 to become 12 clubs big, because if Everton ever get promoted it would mean they, Liverpool, City and United are all within a 30mile radius of each other and that is too many clubs concentrated in one geographical area for a division of less than 12.

United just need to recruit all the players who support them to have a competitive FA WSL 1 side.

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