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Siobhan Chamberlain

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1 Siobhan Chamberlain on Sun Jul 26, 2015 5:07 pm


She looks to be surplus to requirements at Arsenal because even if Byrne retires at the end of the season they now have van Veenendaal. Her loan to Notts County was never likely to become a permanent stay with Telford still being there. Birmingham, Chelsea, Liverpool and Man City look content with Spencer, Lindahl, Stout and Bardsley. Sunderland just signed Olsen. Bristol are likely going down. If none of the aforementioned changes that leaves her with nowhere to go but to the two promoted teams, who may not be full-time.

Does anybody know the story of how and why she came to be rotting on the bench for two years in the first place? Did she go to Arsenal under the impression she would be starting?

2 Re: Siobhan Chamberlain on Tue Jul 28, 2015 9:21 pm


Shelley Kerr had a huge clearout at Arsenal with the players she wanted out leaving as well as those who did not want to work with her. Yankey and Byrne were on their way out and Chamberlain would have come as number one. But as no one wanted to come to the Arsenal besides all the foreigners Byrne and Yankey were reprieved and Chamberlain came as a back-up.

3 Re: Siobhan Chamberlain on Thu Aug 06, 2015 11:13 am


I've seen a lot of people on twitter and such like questioning why she has swapped Arsenal's bench for the one at Notts instead but it seems pretty clear that she has in fact opted for sitting on Notts' bench over sitting in the Boreham Wood stand, since you would think van Veenendaal's arrival at Arsenal pushes her out of their match day squad. Manager change factors aside, it must still feel very strange to have moved clubs expecting to be the number one only to then find yourself with no reason to even put your gloves on. And in this league as well when nobody gets left in the stands because nobody has a squad big enough for players to be missing out.

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